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3 C Serum Gel - Digital Stress Protection

3 C Serum Gel - Digital Stress Protection


Excellence for Face collection.

In the digital age, skin protection becomes a MUST and this special treatment is a must-have at home, office, gym.

  • Description

    The Bio Complex 3C activates, upon contact with the skin, targeted protection against the harmful effects of free radicals induced by:

    • Light Blue GodsCcomputer  
    • Smog and air pollutionCitty
    • Electrosmog of wireless radiation, which facilitates oursComunations

    Its barrier-protective function born from the synergy of powerful natural and organic antioxidants (Verbascum extract, Mediterranean algae, Pomegranate, Beta vulgaris, Tomato extract) is combined with the ultra-moisturizing action (Caesalpinia seeds, bearberry extract) which works on the skin for 24 hours, to prevent and counteract even premature aging induced by Digital Aging.

  • Benefits

    • Provides instant hydration on the surface and long-lasting hydration in the deeper layers of the skin.
    • renews the natural balance of the skin and fights the signs of fatigue
    • Protects against oxidative and pro-inflammatory damage induced by blue light, UV, wireless radiation and pollution
    • Prevents and combats the onset of wrinkles, blemishes and loss of elasticity.
    • Strengthens and protects the barrier
    • Regenerates skin epidermal cells
    • Rebalances the natural luminosity of the skin.

    Hydrated and protected skin appears firmer, smoother and visibly healthier and younger.

  • Instructions for use

    With perfectly clean fingers, apply a few drops morning and evening all over your clean, dry face. with a light massage. Avoid the area around the eyes.

    Skin types Ideal for all skin profiles, even very dehydrated skin.

    Packaging Glass bottle with dus dispenser,

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