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Advanced Hydra Body Cream

Advanced Hydra Body Cream


Excellence for Body collection.

Get your skin in shape with a NO STOP action.

Hydrating  Immune treatment - regenerating thanks to Immune-modulating properties and anti-aging effect.

  • Description

    aging is associated with dehydration and inevitably with a decline in the immune system and the innovative "lmmuno Hidra Bio complex" (biomimetic peptide of Echinacea, Olive Oil, Blood Orange, Acacia) preserves the cellular DNA in the hydration process of the skin.

    Revolutionary hydration that starts from the heart of the skin to regenerate it and bring health and well-being throughout the day.

    Innovative action on the skin barrier that strengthens the skin for:

    - prepare for sun exposure by improving your tan and its duration

    - protect your health against environmental aggressions and pollution, delaying aging.

  • Benefits

    • Activates prolonged hydration, regenerating the cell membrane.
    • has a nourishing and protective action, which prepares the skin for sun exposure
    • It has an emollient, elasticising and toning action even after sun exposure
    • It softens the skin, forming a protective veil that retains water.
    • Activates a strong antioxidant action against environmental stress (free radicals and pollution)
    • protects the skin from photo-aging and UV-induced photo-damage
    • prevents skin aging, improves the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
    • It restores the skin's natural luminosity

    Deeply hydrated, toned and elastic, the skin turns outvisibly healthier and younger.

    Its fresh, melting texture absorbs instantly and gives even dull, stressed and tired skin new energy.

  • Instructions for use

    Apply all over the body, massage, insisting on those parts without tone. Ideal after a bath or shower. Its hyper-concentrated formula allows for minimal dosage

    Skin types Ideal for all skin profiles, even the driest.

    Packaging 200ml airless technology

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