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Mineral Perfect Exfoliation - neck, back, arms

Mineral Perfect Exfoliation - neck, back, arms


Excellence collection for body.

Have the sensation of feeling perfect skin

Treatment  regenerating anti-aging exfoliant with smart multitasking action

  • Description

    In the superficial layers of the skin. Its creamy and extremely pleasant texture activates a highly effective and delicate exfoliation (volcanic lava sand and olive oil)


    In the deeper layers of the skin. its innovative formula, with a regenerating action, doubles up to treat:

    • the neck with a treatment aimed at preventing and effectively counteracting the technological wrinkles of the neck due to Teck Neck
    • the chest with a treatment aimed at strengthening its tone, accelerating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Benefits

    • detoxifies the skin and eliminates impurities and dead cells present on the surface layer of the skin
    • they smooth the skin surface and stimulate cell renewal.
    • stimulates microcirculation and helps the skin to oxygenate
    • Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.
    • Counteracts and prevents the formation of wrinkles
    • Activates prolonged hydration
    • Improves skin resistance against damage induced by UV rays from the sun and pollution.
    • Returns natural luminosity

    Detoxified and perfectly nourished and hydrated, the skin of the neck and chest is completely invigorated and protected with an extraordinarily velvety finish

  • Instructions for use



    We recommend 1 times a week

    Complete treatment that does not require subsequent creams.


    Packaging  n.2 single doses

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