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The expertise of our laboratories has revolutionized men's skin care.

The exclusive FOURTY- FIRST° collection reveals the results of the most modern and advanced BIO - HIGH TECH research, which  reactivates the vital functions of the dermis, to restore skin' s health, quality and beauty.

Anti-gravity formulations” and “Intelligent complexes”,   “High-tech synergies” and “Multitasking strategies” meet the most innovative natural active ingredients, in order to transform each product of the exclusive FOURTY-FIRST° collection into an authentic and powerful booster for the skin, marked by the effects of time and  increasingly from environmental and digital stress.


is regenerated and protected and

activates your age-reverse process every day

The highly professional results, which offer maximum respect for the skin, transform the FOURTY-FIRST° skin-care experience into a personalized and highly professional treatment, studied in every detail to discover your own  BIO WELLNESS. for body and mind.

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100% MADE in ITALY


Respect for the environment and passion for nature have always inspired our scientific research, to offer a selection of precious and innovative raw materials, an authentic expression of a natural  and unpolluted habitat.

Carefully selected, each raw material invites you to take a journey in the Mediterranean along the coasts to the seabed, to reveal the most innovative made in Italy excellence and transform your Wellness Time into "an authentic privilege".



Environment & Well-being

We adopt an overall eco-friendly approach, paying attention to the environment during every step of the production process.


The packaging, designed exclusively for FOURTY- FIRTS°, is built around the concept of "sustainability".

Each box is made with skilled craftsmanship,  and communicates the high quality, great refinement and care in the creation of the product it contains.

The FOURTY-FIRST skin care experience leads to making more conscientious choice in the long term for the well-being of the skin and the environment.

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